Atelier Society is a revolutionary fitting service out of Yale University that seeks to revolutionize the e-commerce shopping experience. Atelier Society eliminates customer interaction with size tags, provides fit feedback to customers sharing how the clothing item they are interested in will fit in person (too long, too short, too large in the waist, etc.), and offers fit accommodations through its just-in-time tailoring service, which allows apparel to be tailored before it arrives at customer’s doors.

Atelier Society ensures that when customers receive apparel, the apparel is precisely the size, fit, and length the customer expects.

Who We Are

We are two friends who had a crazy idea: when you buy clothing online, it should fit!

We've had successful careers, (although we don't believe its ladylike to ask our ages ;) ), and have put those careers behind us to create a startup because of a sincere calling. We are fed up with the fit issues in the apparel industry and their negative impact on people and the environment. We have discovered a revolutionary solution that every single person we talk to wants us to use. We are committed to bringing Atelier Society to the world because we know we have struck gold with our innovative solution and we are the perfectly to bring this solution to market.

Our Founders

Image of Sophie Friedfeld-Gebaide, CEO of Atelier Society

Sophie friedfeld-gebaide


Our CEO, Sophie, is currently pursuing a master's degree in environmental management at Yale, and seamlessly blends her fashion industry, communications, and sustainability expertise. Her background includes professional styling at MM LaFleur, managing social media for NGOs, and overseeing a U.S. Congressman's correspondence program. Sophie's dedication is unparalleled, driven by her personal experiences. In her words, "I left Capitol Hill two years ago not just because I have a black belt in shopping, but because I was fed up with how clothing fit me and I knew I wasn’t the only one. Since then, I have been working to perfect a solution to this problem so many of us face."

olivia burca


Our COO, Olivia, brings technology, fashion and supply chain experience. Olivia began her career in fashion design with a degree from Parsons and further studies at Central Saint Martins. She’s worked for brands that include The Row, Yeezy, and Alice and Olivia. She later transitioned to the tech industry where she was deeply involved in operations, supply chain, and material innovation. Notably, she spearheaded sustainability efforts for Logitech, G. In Olivia’s words, “This insight allows me to play a pivotal role in ensuring that our solutions resonate with and cater to the unique needs of consumers.”