Atelier Society is a sustainable fashion retailer that transforms clothes to fit like a glove. With Atelier Society, clothes fit women's actual body and height.

We accomplish our mission by banishing the much-hated size label in favor of a more accurate size quiz, conducting just-in-time tailoring for all our clients to accommodate all heights (petite, tall and everyone in between).

Our Story Began When...

Sophie Friedfeld-Gebaide was trying to buy well-made, stylish clothes that fit her petite 5'1'' frame. One day, she went shopping with her brother and discovered that men's clothing came in different lengths - inseam, arm, and even neck lengths. Sophie began to research the problem of fit in womenswear, why womenswear by-and-large did not come in petite or tall sizes and potential solutions.

Sophie founded Atelier Society as a sustainably driven fashion retailer that seeks to solve the issue of fit in women's wear and provide well-made clothes for all heights. The rest is history in the making.