Perfect fit. No Size Tags.

Clothing sizes just entered the 21st century. SERIOUSLY. Instead of guessing your size every time you shop OR ordering two sizes of the same garment and the item still not fitting, take a two minute quiz and find your perfect fit. You don’t even download an app. It’s THAT easy. 

You never see your size or a size tag. 

Clothing for All Heights: Petite, tall & everyone in between

Just-In-Time Tailoring

Clothing should fit! But it kinda really doesn’t. For most of us, our clothing is always too long or too short and we kinda just make do by scrunching up our pants or wearing capris.

No more! Say goodbye to clothes that are too long or too short and hello to clothing that fits your body like a runway model. 

Because we know your perfect dimensions, we are able to offer our customers the revolutionizing experience of just-in-time tailoring. Once you place an order, we hem or tailor your clothes for your body and ship it to your door. You never have to step foot in a store, and you will never have to hem a pair of pants again. Best of all: because this process is standardized, so our items are completely returnable! 


How long does the tailoring + shipping process take?

Unlike made-to-measure clothing, our apparel is customized to your body in the time it takes to binge a new TV show (less than 5 business days). Once your items are tailored, they leave our USA warehouse and ship directly to your door. You will receive an email notification when the tailoring process ends and when your item begins its shipping journey to your house. To learn more about shipping times, visit here

Are your items returnable?

Yes! Unlike, made-to-measure clothing, our items are made-to-fit in a standardized process and thus 100% returnable. You can read more about our return policy here. But basically, to return an item it must be returned within 21 days of your purchase's delivery date. Like most clothing returns, your item can’t be worn, washed and the original hangtags must be on it.   

Security: What happens to my 3D picture?

We take your privacy extremely seriously. We do not keep your 3D picture, and neither does our 3D scanning partner. We keep your measurements generated from your photos, but never your photos. In fact, photos (including the results of the virtual garments fitting) are only visible to the customer and the customer maintains full control over them. The platform we chose also allows users to exercise their deletion rights directly through the interface, enabling customers to delete their personal data at any time. Upon the completion of a deletion request, all records related to the user (including stored photos and virtual try-on results) will be deleted. Additionally, our 3D scanning partner is GDPR and SOC 2 Compliant; and uses end-to-end encryption for every photo and relevant file metadata. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to us at