Step 1

Consumer Chooses Tailoring

Step 2
Consumer receives 3d body scan text
Step 3
We receive item via retailer
Step 4
We Tailor + Deliver


How long does the tailoring + shipping process take?

Our apparel is customized to your customers in the time it takes to binge a new TV show (less than 5 business days). Once your items are tailored, they leave our USA warehouse and ship directly to your customer's door. You and your customer's will be notified when the tailoring process ends and when your item begins its shipping journey to your customer's house.

Are tailored items returnable?

The answer to this question is completely up to you! We let retailers decide if they would like to accept returns or not.

Option 1: If you do not want to accept tailored returns

  • Fit Guarantee: Atelier Society provides  your customer’s with a 100% fit guarantee. If the item does not fit (too long, too big, etc.) Atelier Society pays for any additional tailoring expenses. If the item is too small (consumers must take a picture), Atelier reimburses the retailer at COGS; retailers can choose to take back the return & relists the item on widget or discount sites. 

Option 2: If you want to accept tailored returns

  • Return Guarantee: Atelier provides your company a return guarantee in this option to retailers of a 10% reduction in returns for tailored apparel vs. non-tailored apparel that did not use Atelier Society's virtual fitting room. For every sku where returns exceed this reduction, Atelier refunds $10.99 per tailored apparel over the 10% reduction & pays for COGS of tailored apparel that couldn't be resold through widget or marketplace within three months. 
Security: What happens to my 3D picture?

We take your privacy extremely seriously. We do not keep your 3D picture, and neither does our 3D scanning partner. We keep your measurements generated from your photos, but never your photos. In fact, photos (including the results of the virtual garments fitting) are only visible to the customer and the customer maintains full control over them. The platform we chose also allows users to exercise their deletion rights directly through the interface, enabling customers to delete their personal data at any time. Upon the completion of a deletion request, all records related to the user (including stored photos and virtual try-on results) will be deleted. Additionally, our 3D scanning partner is GDPR and SOC 2 Compliant; and uses end-to-end encryption for every photo and relevant file metadata. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to us at