Getting your perfect fit has never been easier. It takes just two minutes and starts when you click on the button “Get Measured” above. 

How it Works

It's Quick & Easy: You will enter some basic information on yourself (name, age, gender), scan a QR code and then take two photos of yourself (front and side) and you are done.

You don't even download an app.

tips to get the best measurement:

  1. For the most accurate photos, change into a bathing suit or workout clothes (leggings and a tight fitting top).
  2. Take photos in front of a simple background so the AI can clearly grab your measurements. 
  3. Stay inside the green box and if the tool suggests retaking a photo…do it! Your measurements are key to finding your perfect fit. 

**NOTE: Your photos are NEVER saved or shared. We actually create an avatar of your body from your scan and then delete your picture from every server. No humans ever have access to your photos. If you want to learn more about our privacy policy and procedures, you can read more HERE.