We are so excited that you are ordering with us! Our pre-order process is extremely simple and focused on ensuring you have the best customer experience with Atelier Society. That is why, once you place a pre-order with Atelier Society, you won't be charged until we deliver your amazing items to your door and you are allowed to change your mind after we deliver your items - up to 21-days - for a full refund.

How Our Pre-Order Works:

Reserve now, pay later - your card won't be charged until your fashion wonders are delivered to your door! 📦 

Timeless style takes time - expect delivery in ~6 months. Trust us, it'll be worth the wait! ⌛️

Zero Commitmentphobia - change your mind? Cancel your order before it ships at any time with our cancellation policy. No sweat!  All you need to do is reach out to us HERE. 🚫

Free Returns -  If your purchase isn't a match made in style heaven, fear not - our hassle-free 21-day return policy has you covered!  💳

Our Founders

Image of Sophie Friedfeld-Gebaide, CEO of Atelier Society

Sophie friedfeld-gebaide


Our CEO, Sophie, is currently pursuing a master's degree in environmental management at Yale, and seamlessly blends her fashion industry, communications, and sustainability expertise. Her background includes professional styling at MM LaFleur, managing social media for NGOs, and overseeing a U.S. Congressman's correspondence program. Sophie's dedication is unparalleled, driven by her personal experiences. In her words, "I left Capitol Hill two years ago not just because I have a black belt in shopping, but because I was fed up with how clothing fit me and I knew I wasn’t the only one. Since then, I have been working to perfect a solution to this problem so many of us face."

Nathan Yang


Our CTO, Nathan Yang, is at the forefront of merging innovative technology with the fashion industry, driving the revolutionary fitting service at Atelier Society. Nathan’s extensive background in software engineering equips him to lead the development of solutions that transform the e-commerce shopping experience. Nathan's notable achievements include co-creating DockerNet, a browser-based GUI that simplifies Docker network and container management for developers. His previous roles at Capital One and DockerNet highlight his expertise in creating scalable, high-performance applications. Nathan is dedicated to enhancing user experiences, stating, "Creating technology that bridges the gap between virtual shopping and real-world fit is my driving force. At Atelier Society, we are transforming how customers perceive and experience online shopping."



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